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Büyükyalı İstanbul

Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

Property Description

“All Means Of Luxury & Pleasures”

With the partnership of Özak GYO, Ziylan Gayrimenkul and Yenigün İnşaat, with the assurance of Emlak Konut. Everything imaginable, from different apartment options to a rich social life, from prestigious shops to world restaurants, from the Market Place to cafes, is waiting for the residents and visitors of Büyükyalı within walking distance. Büyükyalı, built on a 111-decare land with a story and a past, in an atmosphere where historical buildings are restored and brought back to life, focuses on the concepts of "human" and "good life". Büyükyalı, the only and true address of the “good life”, offers its residents and visitors an “all-inclusive” comfort in daily life. Life in Büyükyalı, which is a "work that will be passed down from generation to generation", which includes flat types that touch different lifestyles with their superior quality understanding, as well as leasable commercial areas. The project consists of 4 neighborhoods, with a total apartment number of 1,481, it has a variety of flat options which will fulfill all needs, starting from (1+1) to (5+1).

Büyükyalı, which has established a sea district by extending the Bosphorus line of Istanbul, is located in Zeytinburnu at the intersection of all transportation axes of the city's land, sea and rail systems. Büyükyalı is located at the very center of Istanbul, on the coast of the Marmara Sea, adjacent to many strategic points from the Historical Peninsula to the Grand Bazaar, from the new airport to the Eurasia Tunnel. Marina and sea shuttles offer different transportation routes together with the options of land, sea and rail system, allow you to reach the desired location in a short time without getting caught in Istanbul traffic. Büyükyalı, draws attention with its rich transportation facilities and is designed as yoğun a sea area in the city ıyla, saves time by producing solutions to the heavy traffic of İstanbul with its sea shuttle alternatives. Büyükyalı Istanbul is located 3 kilometers from the E5 Highway.

Property Details

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Property Location

Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

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